RT France

event identity
Creating a Visual Identity for RT France's Channel Launch Events
A new, provocative player has emerged on the French media scene: a channel that, following in the footsteps of the RT network's other channels, challenges the status quo by providing an alternative perspective on current events and covering the stories the mainstream media won’t.
One of the main tasks was to create an appropriate visualization of RT France’s mission—to adequately reflect the channel’s assertive positioning as a ”revolutionary” outlet, including the related values, ideas and views of such a position.
The design language was based on the ideas of agitation and political activism. The main reference  was Eugène Delacroix's influential painting “Liberty Leading the People”. The flags, modeled after those in the painting, serve as a symbol of political demonstration, as well as a metaphor for leadership, challenge, and internationality—all characteristics of the RT channel.

With the help of large typography and the repetition of the slogan, we’ve visualized the “revolutionary” nature of the channel. We’ve invoked an emotional protest against unreliable information while vividly promoting the channel’s values. This design makes the meaning of the channel’s slogan clear: “We have nothing to hide, we speak out loud and frank!"