ESTARS conference

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E-learning Stakeholders Researchers Summit (ESTARS) is an international scientific conference dedicated to both current and future developments in online education. It’s a unique forum for professionals to present advanced research, discuss global e-learning trends and share advances in online education.
Online education has become an integral part of higher education allowing universities to reach new audiences and expand beyond traditional campus and geographical boundaries.
The conference logo depicts an expanding spyglass which symbolizes exploration. Conference participants are researchers who study various pedagogic platforms, along with academicians and other allied professionals working to develop educational concepts and models for the future.
The spyglass is one of humankind’s oldest instruments for scientific discovery, and it’s a metaphor for learning, discovery and our desire to get closer to the stars. The spyglass metaphor fits perfectly with the conference slogan: "Bringing the Future of Online Education Closer" and with the conference abbreviated name "ESTARS".
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