RT France

Identity for RT France channel launch event

TASK: There is a new, strong and provocative player emerging among the French media. This player talks about the things that other media are silent about or cover from the specific angle - burning questions and problems of global politics in general and France in particular. Our task was to reflect the image of Channel's active and assertive positioning, and support its values, ideas and views.

SOLUTION: The core idea of the design language proposed was agitation and political activism. Flags, as a symbol of the political demonstration, challenge, and international character of the RT channel. The main reference was Eugène Delacroix's most influential painting “Liberty Leading the People”. RT leads the masses. The flag appears as a metaphor for the leadership. Using an active typography and slogans' duplication, we’ve achieved an image of an active position, an emotional protest against unreliable information and thus promoted the values of the channel. The channel's slogan is "We have nothing to hide, we speak out loud and frank!"